Farming As A Means Of Community
Building & Social Development

Adish Rathod

Analysis of simple & complex ordering in the built environment

Manan Hingoo

Existential Dimorphism: Digital existence x Physical realities

Ganesh Beniwal

Exploring the applications Phenomenology in Therianthropic ‘subjects’

Atharva Rotkar

Krishi Sanvardhan Kendra

Ankit Gaikwad

Meshing the Binaries

Priyanshi Hiran

Narrating Death - Architecture For The Dying

Harshvardhan Jhaveri

Pop-up environments [PUE] and the city space

Harsh Dinesh Shah

REV[IV]AL : An Attempt to Re-think of an Ideal Village

Pradyumna Vikharankar

Reinforcing Nagpur’s identity as ‘Orange city’, thereby creating a layer of citizen association.

Ojaswi Chauthaiwale

Reviving Community Interactions and Activities in the Neighborhood

Mansi Parocha

Reviving the Golden Ragas: Rejuvenating in the Fused State of Frozen Music and Liquid Architecture

Falguni Sakpal

Stormwater Sponge

Alisha Menezes

THE TEXTILE HUB, a place to learn and earn

Prajwal Pembarti

The Spiritual Transcendence of Sacred Architecture

Aishwarya Balsekar

VISTARA – a study of India’s space research education and ISRO

Muskan Ranwaka

Waste: As Material of Construction

Prajwal Satvidkar

Youth as a medium to change the image of Bihar

Akanksha Singh

नगरांगण – Exploring Jail Infrastructure as an Urban courtyard.

Shivani Pisat

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